Chai and Why

TIFR's unique outreach initiative since 2009 has been the "Chai and Why?" series, a forum to enable informal discussions of interesting scientific issues outside a traditional academic setting in a Science Café format. By popular demand, we soon added a second monthly session from September 2009. Now held twice a month (at Prithvi theatre on the 1st Sunday and at Ruparel college on the 3rd Sunday of every month), "Chai and Why?" aims to engage the public who are interested in science but generally never have an opportunity to interact with scientists, discuss their views and ask questions. In the past two years, we have covered a wide range of issues relating to science and technology, in particular topics that affect our world today - lasers, nanotechnology, space exploration, stem cells, malaria, etc. In summer, special sessions aimed at children - covering for example science in the kitchen, playground etc. proved to be extremely popular. Apart from the regular scheduled sessions, some special Chai and Why? sessions have also been held at other venues around the city.

  • Chai and Why 2009
  • Chai and Why 2010
  • Chai and Why 2011
  • Watch some of the earlier Chai and Why? sessions on YouTube.